Slovak multi-media artist Oto Hudec created his recent work in USA, South Korea, Cabo Verde, Portugal and Slovakia. He creates videos, murals, animations, sculptures and works for public spaces about immigration, refugees and the impact of globalization on the environment. His projects often involve utopic perspective as a way to shed a light on food production, industrial landscape, or decline of bees. While interested in ecological living, food production and sustainability, instead of searching for new scientific solutions, he is looking into how nomadic and indigenous people achieved this. He often cooperates on projects with children and youth from disadvantaged communities.
Since 2013 he works on on the participative project with Roma children in Slovakia Projekt Karavan together with artist Daniela Krajčová.
PhD at the AFAD, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Member of creative team MAP - Make Art with Purpose.
Represented by Gandy gallery.
Finalist of Oskar Čepan prize for young artists in 2012, Slovakia
Web: www.fishisflying.blogspot.com
E-mail: oto.hudec@gmail.com
Phone: 00421 902 426 041

2017, „House of Isabel”, Gallery OFF Format, Brno, Czech Republic
Archipelago“, Kunsthalle Bratislava, Slovensko
Prague Day after the Air Raid“, Artwall galerie Praha, Česká republika
2016, „Agú di Tchuba Lda“, Šopa gallery, Košice, Slovakia
The Man who travels with Bees“, Gandy gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014, „Nor Tortoise Shell nor Blades of Grass“, MMCA Chang Dong National Art Studio,
Seoul, South Korea
2013, „Nomadia”, Mutuo Espaco de Arte, Barcelona, Spain
2012, “Nomadia”, Gandy Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
Corn Song/Kukuričná pieseň”, Nitrianska Galéria, Nitra, Slovakia
Tales from the Other Seas”, Espaço Gesto, Porto, Portugal
2011, “Traffic Jam”, Miscelanea space, Barcelona, Spain
2009, “Paradise in state of emergency”, Kubikgallery, Porto, Portugal

2017, „Nadikhuno Muzeumos”, Tranzit.sk, Bratislava, Slovakia
Stop Over”, Freiraum 21, Museums Quartier, Vienna, Austria
Fear of the Unknown“, Galerie NTK, Praha, Czech Republic
2016, “Mirror of Alterity”, Kunstpunkt, Berlin, Germany
Museum On/Off, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
Rien ne va plus? Faites vos jeux!”, De Appel, Amsterdam, Holland
Strach z neznámeho“ (Fear from the Unknown), Kunsthalle, Bratislava, Slovakia
2015, “Walking without Footprints“, Tranzit.sk, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014, “Časť bez účasti“, Galéria Medium, Bratislava, Slovakia
Comitted to Change”, Tranzit, Bratislava, Slovakia
Reinterpretácia skutočnosti“, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
Dve krajiny”, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
#underthestars”, Knoll Gallerie, Vienna, Austria
Other Forms of Relations”, MMCA Chang Dong National Art Studio, Seoul, South Korea
2013, Nomadia”, Mutuo espaco de arte, Barcelona, Spain
Instrument for Listening”, Make Art with Purpose triennal, Dallas, USA
2012, “Cena Oskára Čepana”, (finalist), Galéria Umelka, Bratislava, Slovakia
2011, Voices from the Center”, threewalls gallery, Chicago, USA
2009, “Bienal Mercosul”, Santander Cultural, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2017 Futura, Prague, Czech Republic
2016 Museum Quartier, Wien, Austria
Oficinas do Convento, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
2015 Oficinas do Convento, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
2014 MMCA Chang Dong, Seoul, Korea
2014 Periférne Centrá, Dúbravica, Slovakia
2013 Central Trak, Dallas, TX, USA
2011 threewalls gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

2014 – 2015 Archipelago, murals, videos, workshops and participatory sculpture in Amadora neighborhoods in Lisbon and rural communities in Santiago Island, Cabo Verde
2013 – 2015 Project Karavan, together with Daniela Krajčová, video/animation workshops with Roma children in Slovak villages and towns
2013 Cluster munition for sale, public event/campaign together with Amnesty Internatonal for a ban of cluster munition in Bratislava, Slovakia